William Rast JeansNothing says style quite like a pair of William Rast jeans.

Founded by Justin Timberlake in 2005, this sophisticated jean company has taken the denim world by storm.

Already famous for his music and films, Justin Timberlake is known making a name for himself in the fashion world.

William Rast jeans are available in a wide array of figure flattering jeans for men and women.

The jean collection is based on the “biker style” made chic.

Able to be worn with a tailored shirt for a dressy look, or with a tee shirt for a more causal afternoon look, these jeans are fashionable and versatile.

Jeans for Men:

William Rast mens jeans are comfortable and stylish, like their straight leg style for men.

Great for men with long legs, these jeans are a perfect fit.

With a classic five pocket style, these jeans can go from casual work wear to play where in an instant.

With customer reviews raving about the jeans comfort and fit, these jeans make a great addition to any wardrobe.

For a more relaxed street look, William Rast Dylan Skinny Jeans for Men is a great choice.

While the jean’s advertisement may say that these jeans are “parred” down for comfort, they have lost nothing in quality.

Still made from the best denim fabric available, these “street jeans” have plenty of class. ¬†Along with these two jean styles, William Rast mens jeans include a “boot cut” style and two different “straight legged” styles.

Some styles work better with different body types.

The jeans also come in dark blue denim and softer gunmetal gray.

Jeans for Women:

William Rast womens jeans come in a wide range of figure flattering styles.

Made from the same high quality denim as the mens clothing line, these jeans are a stylish addition to any wardrobe.

The luxury jean collection includes the William Rast skinny jean line, a perfect jean for the tall, slender woman.

While an excellent everyday jean, with a dressy blouse and shoes these jeans are ready for a night out. For a more classic and dressy look, William Rast jeans have a stylish black jean.

The Stella Boot Cut in Minion Wash is the perfect pair of jeans to dress up any occasion.

Paired with an elegant jacket or silk scarf, you are sure to wow everyone. Other styles of womens jeans include the Savory Regular Rise.

A trouser styled jean, it is great for a more casual work place or dressed up for an evening out.

The regular rise waistband always gives a comfortable and stylish fit. William Rast womens jeans have a great selection of washes to choose from, and all look great.

Whether it is a darker wash, or a lighter stone wash these jeans deliver. When looking at the names of celebrities associated with clothing lines, Justin Timberlake does not always come to mind.

With his William Rast jeans collections his is a name that we will be remembering.

No matter the occasion, there is a William Rast jean style to fit your needs. 

Photo Credit: Maegan TintariCreative Commons


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